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Brunch in Bath

Brunch in Bath

Tuesday, 1st December 2020

What is the best brunch in Bath? Here at Bath Luxury Rentals, we definitely have our favourites.

We get it! A relaxed start to your time in Bath is what you’re after but you also know you need to fuel up ahead of exploring this incredible city. Brunch is the perfect start to your day, not too early, not too late. Luckily there are plenty of delicious brunch offerings across the city to tempt you. Here’s our top 5 favourites for the best brunch in Bath:

Brunch at The Green Bird Cafe

This cute independent café on Margaret’s Buildings is a stone’s throw from the Royal Crescent and the Circus so our guess is you’ll be heading this way anyway! Its award-winning menu and relaxed style makes this a resident’s out-of-the-way favourite. Think locally sourced produce, excellent service and creative menu. The sourdough is from Bertinet kitchen, so if you know your bread, you’ll now this is the mark of something special. But there’s so much more than bread to feast on. A sample menu is on-line. Check it out.

Try Brunch at Framptons in Bath

Frampton’s overlooks Bath’s famous Pulteney Bridge, so wins the picturesque title hands-down. Check out Frampton’s for brunch, lunch and more and while you are there check out their cocktail listing for later in the day. Take our word for it, the Champions Breakfast is legendary, especially if you are an avocado fan, although there are plenty of options for discerning tastes.

The Walcot – Brunch

This café restaurant is the current place to hang out. Home baked beans on toast, and truffle butter wild mushrooms have been fully tested and get a Bath Luxury Rentals thumbs up. The relaxed atmosphere and cosy booths make for a great start to the day, although keep it in mind for lunch and late drinks. The café sits above its sister night club. A one stop shop!

Brunch in Bath at the Wild Cafe

Find this little gem tucked away on Queen Street for a more intimate brunch time experience. Why so wild then you say? ‘We’re wild about simple food made with quality ingredients’ they say.  It’s also pretty wild that they run on 100% renewable electricity, a nod to its green credentials. Brunch fans, you’ll be pleased to know that brunch is served all day! Winner.

Boston Tea Party, Alfred Street, Bath

Last but on least in our top 5 brunch spots of Bath is Boston Tea Party on Alfred Street (important to know as there are two in Bath is you’re meeting up with friends or fam). This light and open café has room enough for a large group to gather or intimate booth seating for a cosier coffee. Brunch is excellent with all the usual suspects on the creative menu. It also has a licence, if it’s that kind of a brunch date!

Bath Luxury Rentals have several unique and stylish centrally located self catering Georgian properties across the city specialising in large groups and are family, and corporate specialists.

Enjoy a relaxing stay at Bath Luxury Rentals and be sure to fit in that lovely, lazy brunch moment.

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