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Top 10 things to do in Bath

Top 10 things to do in Bath – Right Now!

Tuesday, 1st December 2020

We would advise a long stay here in beautiful Bath because there’s so much to pack in whatever time of the year you choose to come. You’d expect us to say that wouldn’t you? To convince you here are our top 10 things to do in Bath. And YOU MUST come to Bath. (Spoiler, we struggled to edit the list our just 10, in fact we actually haven’t, we cheated).

1 – Promenade the Royal Crescent

It’s the main reason Bath is an UNESCO world heritage city as this 250-year-old architectural icon deserves all the attention it gets. IF YOU SEE NOTHING ELSE, SEE THIS! Were you even in Bath if you didn’t visit the Royal Crescent?

2 – Take in the Bath Skyline

A National Trust masterpiece for which your Instagram grid will thank you. This way-marked 6-mile route (of which there are shorter circuits) gives you the very best and breath-taking aerial views of the city. Warning, a steep climb is involved but its totally worth every step.

3 – Be a luvvie at the Theatre Royal Bath

We can’t guarantee what you’ll see but this old girl is beautiful inside and out, being one of the oldest and grandest theatres in the UK and with royal approval since early 1900!

4 – “Take” the Bath waters at the Roman Baths

One of the finest historic sites in Northern Europe. The Roman Baths has to be on any top 10 things to do in Bath list, possibly England! This Roman site was once famed for its therapeutic public bathing and you can still ‘take the waters’ today from the King Spring in the famed Pump Rooms where Jane Austen once danced!

5 – Or bathe like a roman at the Thermae Bath Spa

….  Which we’d thoroughly recommend! And, make sure you bathe the modern way in the luxurious spa, in the same water source at the Roman Baths. Or top tip would be to book a twilight pool package.

6 – Tea at Pump Rooms

As frequented by Jane Austen and other Bath glitterati in days gone by the Pump Rooms is now an elegant tea room. Afternoon tea regency style!

7 – Grab a Bath Gin cocktail

Drink Bath Gin, also known as Gin Austen! Yes, we’ve our own gin which is to be found at the elegant Canary Gin Bar serving any number of delicious and creative cocktails. We think Jane would have approved!

8 – Eat a Sally Lunn Bunn

Grab a famous Sally Lunn bunn from arguably the oldest house in Bath, just add delicious lemon curd or cinnamon butter! Pssst, it’s a secret recipe too…

9 – Fashionsitas head directly to Fashion Museum

Head to regency Assembly Rooms, home to this award-winning museum where fashion has been chronicled telling the story of fashion right up to the modern day and including the Dress of the Year collection.

10 – Jane Austen

The author has a long and well documented association with the city with many of her books referencing the food and parties the city was then famous for! Visit the Jane Austen centre or take part in the Jane Austen Photo Tour.

Top 10 things to do in Bath – need more!

And if that wasn’t enough, we’d also recommend to you, checking listings for music at the Forum Music Venue and ‘what’s on’ at comedy venue Komedia, a beautiful old cinema. Also, take a visit to the beautiful old cinema, that’s still a cinema, The Little Theatre, often showing plenty of art house films alongside classics. Depending on what time of year you are here try catching a day racing at scenic Bath Racecourse!

However you choose to pass your time here we hope you enjoy your time in Bath. If you have time take at a look at our Bath holiday rental properties…

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